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Rob Mitchell

Wix Picture Color.jpg

Rob started drawing at a young age, but didn't begin to explore painting until attending Kline Academy in Culver City, CA in 2011.  The rich colors of his newly found medium rejuvenated his passion for the arts. 

He developed his own distinct style while daydreaming about running track and field during his youth. Being first to cross the finish line he recalled the thrill of competition and the embrace of a red ribbon across his waist.  Translating the vision into a painting invoked an array of emotions as the ribbon flowed through space giving rise to the evolution of his work.  Each ribbon is reminiscent of his paths in life through color and time meeting in harmony on the horizon.

Red Ribbon, 36 x 36.jpg

Although Rob's life is multifaceted, he has realized that his calling as an artist is the most poignant and personal expression of who he is.  As a result he paints as much as he can when not working his day job. Look beyond the canvas, read the message between each stoke of his brush and you will feel a connection not only to light and color but the incredible energy of life. 

Additonal Work



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